• Taking control

    "It took time and patience, but Alex is now able to do the injections himself. When he has completed 500 needles, we'll have to celebrate!" Jenn, mom of Alex

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  • What now?

    "When the results came in, we knew that I would have to take daily injections. I wondered how big the needle would be? How long would I have to take them for? Will it hurt?" Grace, 12 years old

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  • Living with GHD

    "While GHD wasn't a diagnosis we had ever hoped for, it also wasn't devastating news. We knew there was something we could do to help our children grow and we were determined to see it through." Mark, parent of 2 children with GHD

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  • Introducing... Podster

    A new growth hormone gaming app.Available at iTunes® and Google Play™

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New to GHD?

New to growth hormone disorder? You probably have a lot of questions.

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Let Life Happen

Easypod® reduces needle anxiety and offers a safe and precise delivery method for growth hormone treatment.

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Understanding GHD

Understanding growth hormone disorders and their treatment will help you establish a new normal.

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Your care doesn’t stop at the clinic.

Momentum® is a comprehensive support program for people living with GHD. Learn more >