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Easypod Treatment Delivery


Easypod® is an electronic injection device that automatically delivers a pre-set dose of growth hormone therapy with the press of a button. Easypod® has features that help to alleviate the anxiety associated with injections and improve the consistency and regularity of treatment.

  • On-screen instructions
  • Adjustable comfort settings:
       - Needle speed
       - Injection speed
       - Injection depth
       - Injection time
  • Needle is hidden before, during and after injection
  • Performs regular safety checks
  • Dose memory log
  • Injection site rotation guide

Manual pens and syringes cause anxiety in many children and in the caregivers who are administering growth hormone therapy. Easypod® shields the needle from view and offers a simple, consistent and quick injection technique.

Easypod® also offers a variety of features help to reduce and eliminate many of the stresses and inconvenience of pens and syringes, such as preset doses, adjustable comfort settings, and treatment tracking and communications tools.

Your child can perform self-injection depending on his or her age and level of development and interest, although some children and teenagers are not interested in self-injection and prefer that a parent or guardian do it for them. Keep in mind that adult supervision is always required to ensure the dose is actually injected.

No. You should continually change the injection site. Common injection sites are the thighs, stomach and buttocks. Easypod® helps by keeping a record of injection sites.

Momentum® Support Services provides convenient ways for easypod® users to connect with registered nurses who are trained to address physical, emotional and practical needs.

Help may be provided at home, on the phone or online.

Our Momentum® program offers free therapy supplies and can also provide assistance in communicating with drug plan administrators and insurance companies to help secure prescription coverage.

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