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Growth Hormone Therapy


Growth hormone therapy helps children who are growing at rates lower than what is considered normal to grow faster and attain a final adult height within normal target range. Children treated with growth hormone can experience excellent “catch-up” growth with their peers.6

Growth hormone is injected just below the skin. It cannot be taken as a medicine that is swallowed because it is broken down by the acids in the stomach.

Yes and no. Growth Hormone does need to be injected. The easypod® device helps to reduce the anxiety associated with giving and receiving needles. Easypod® includes adjustable comfort settings and offers parents and caregivers a safer, more convenient treatment option for their children.

Let your health team know and carry on with regular treatments. Do not under any circumstance double dose to make up for the lost dose. If injections have been prescribed six days a week, the lost injection should be done on what would normally be an injection free day. If for any reason injections are missed regularly, you should consult your healthcare professional to discuss the options.

The easypod® device records the date and time of every injection, enabling you to easily monitor dose history. You can view the dose history on the device at any time and share this information with your health team.

Your doctor will advise how long treatment needs to continue based on your child’s specific requirements.

Artificial Growth hormone (GH) is simply a replacement for the growth hormone the body should be making naturally. The artificial GH shouldn't stop your child from taking part in any normal activities. If you have concerns, talk things through with your healthcare team.

Other than your doctor, it can also be good to share with teachers and other caregivers. Otherwise, taking growth hormone can be completely private. It is your family’s choice.

Always consult with your doctor about any specific doubts or questions you may have regarding your child’s personal treatment and any potential interactions with other drugs or medication.

Noticeable growth differs from individual to individual. Your healthcare professional will carefully monitor progress at regular appointments.

The best results with growth hormone therapy are achieved when treatment is taken as prescribed, without missing a dose.

Growth hormone therapy should be taken in the evening, just before bedtime. A child’s body naturally produces growth hormone in different amounts throughout the day. The biggest release happens in the night while sleeping. To be precise, this peak of growth hormone occurs during the deepest phase of sleep when the body is recovering from the fatigue of the day. This is why your doctor will recommended that growth hormone therapy be taken just before bedtime.

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